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Letter from the President

Letter from the 2023 President

Boar Member
President – Kristin Weiss
Central Fort Bend
 Chamber of Commerce

Welcome 2023! And, welcome to the Gulf Coast Chamber Executives (GCCE).

2023 marks five years since I joined the Central Fort Bend Chamber (CFBC) as the President & CEO and also five years since joining GCCE. I had stepped away from the Chamber industry for nine years prior to returning to CFBC. I knew coming back that GCCE would be invaluable to my professional career and our Chamber, especially as I took on the presidency role.

I spent my first two years at the chamber just trying to settle in, reworking systems, organizing a team to handle our membership, events and marketing, learning all I could about our community and businesses and their ever-growing needs as our community grew.


This group of professional Chamber executives and staff relied on, leaned on and encouraged each other on a daily basis. Our monthly meetings were held virtually, but just seeing their faces regularly and hearing how they had overcome adversities helped tremendously….I knew I was not alone in our struggles.


Over the past three years, I have come to truly appreciate the expertise, ideas and forethoughts from each and every member of GCCE. Attending the monthly meetings and annual GCCE Leadership Conference has become the norm. And, getting our Chamber’s board members and volunteers involved with the Leadership Conference has been of great benefit as well. Providing the opportunity to have your volunteers hear about industry standards and best practices from some of the “Chamber world” top professionals only strengthens your Chamber.

It is a fact that our schedules are busy….but attending GCCE meetings needs to be a part of your monthly calendar. You won’t regret it. We meet on the last Friday of each month…in various locations around the Texas Gulf Coast. You can find the 2023 meeting calendar here. Events (

If your business is seeking to make contacts with chamber executives, we also have valuable opportunities for you. You can connect at the annual Leadership Conference and through Associate Membership.

Let me know how I can help YOU to get connected in 2023!

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