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GCCE Scholarships

Gulf Coast Chamber Executives provide scholarships base on the organization income of the current year. Scholarship recipients are required to provide a copy of the receipt for registration in the training program for which they applied. The receipt should be sent to the GCCE Treasurer ( within 90 days of notification. All checks are payable to the Chamber of Commerce that employs the recipient.

Scholarships will only be awarded to GCCE Members in good standing. All memberships should be paid in full with the person attending the training as a paid member if not the Chamber Main Representatives.

More than one scholarship will NOT be awarded to any Chamber regardless of the type of scholarship requested. Chambers are encouraged to submit all applications; the selection committee will award on scholarship per Chamber.

The Scholarship Committee will take the following things into consideration when selecting who will receive scholarships.

  • Length of time in Chamber Profession
  • Commitment to Chamber Profession
  • Ability to Pay (size of Chamber budget & training budget)
  • Attendance at other training programs
  • Commitment to GCCE
  • Previous past scholarships awarded to the Chamber
    • This does not mean that if an employee of a Chamber has received scholarships in the past that they will not be considered in the future.
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